Skylar 1 Yr-223I am a mother, a wife, an advocate for both mental and physical health, and of course… a  mastiff owner.  I live in Tempe, AZ with my three English mastiffs, my adorable daughters, and my husband.

My day job is running a mental health IMG_5924advocacy office wish I enjoy tremendously.  I have been in behavioral health for 14 years and it just keeps getting more interesting and rewarding.  Beyond that I gave birth to my girls in 2013 and 2016 and they are the center of my world (along with my husband of course).  A close second is my three beautiful dogs… Bella, Brutus, and Molly.  Two were rescues, leaving only one as a planned purchase… my husband questions all three decisions regularly as we continue to allow them the entire master bedroom and half the third acre yard but I couldn’t be happier.

For most of my life I have had a strong passion for food and cooking.  Many years ago I would post pictures of my food creations with the tag #bringingchefyback.  My husband is convinced that half the time I cook in order to create some art I can take a picture of…. and sadly that is partly true.

When my daughter came into the picture health and food took on new meaning.  We knew that we had to instill good habits at a young age and so our story of fitness and health began…

The Hearn's Holiday 2013-285My husband has one and only vice… they gym.  If he wasn’t so particular about his bed I assure you he would move in at the gym.  He lifts weights at least four times a week (for many many hours) and this is what keeps him grounded.   Much to my chagrin regarding him being gone from me so much, he is doing something he loves and contributing to his health.  His food, on the other hand was a major struggle.  The main food groups were cheese, sour cream, red meat, tortillas, tortilla chips, burgers, pizza, and ranch.  This was not what I wanted our daughters to grow up knowing and loving.  After she was born we both made a conscious effort to change.  No soda, less dairy, more home-cooked meals, and our joint attempt at less ranch.  As our first was reaching two years old we needed more.  I was still carrying “baby weight” and we still indulged more than we should.  That brought us to trying 21 day fix with beachbody and drinking shakeology every day.  What started as my own journey, he joined along in support.  Within the first 21 days I lost 8 pounds and 11 inches.  He lost almost ten pounds.  Our energy and overall happiness were increasing daily.  We were hooked.  Furthermore, we have been able to inspire others to take similar action and invest in their own health and habits.

Skylar 1 Yr-282This blog is going to be my place to discuss my life and the journey… journey of motherhood… journey of owning over 500 pounds of dog… journey of marriage… journey of health and fitness… journey of cooking… journey of being a survivor of suicide and any other journey I can find that feeds my passion.  Thank you for taking a peak at my journey – I hope it strikes something within you.

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