Meal prepping for the week…Ready… set…

meal prep sundayThere is often a failure for how we nourish our bodies correlated directly with how we plan for our bodies, and above all else… prioritize.  Five take out sessions a week is easily accomplished when working full time and being a mommy… let alone if you have further agreements.  I have long been an advocate for meal prep and will often have parties of two or more hanging in my kitchen on the weekend for the fun of it all.  So many have expressed they “could never” imagine doing all that work.  Well, in truth many of us already go to the grocery store, and many of us actually cook on occasion.  The time is already spent… it is simply looking at how we use that time.  For some time now I have dedicated two hours on Sunday to ensure I have access to healthy food all week (as do my little ones… and my husband if he is so inclined).  One hour (or less) at the grocery… bring your list and shop for in season and sale if you are on a budget.  Protein, veggies and fruit are the staples!!!!!  Make sure some healthy fats get in there too.

If you have a co-op, this makes it even easier… you pick up your basket and make do with what you get!!!!!  As long as you are eating the colors of the rainbow you are in the right direction.IMG_9855

Grocery ideas:  all the goods for the most nourishing and flavorful salads you can imagine, rotisserie chicken or lunch meat, eggs, avocados, fruits (especially those in season berries), oil and vinegar for some homemade dressing deliciousness, maybe some protein bars for emergency, and don’t forget the citrus to make sure that water goes down all week.


I still buy bananas, almond milk, and spinach for my infamous Shakeology every day.  I have convinced my hubs that counts as cooking so that is his daily duty to share the chef role.  A bit of a stretch but I’ll take it!


Now… you have an hour or so to be the most efficient meal line you can accomplish.  Get all the tools out together (see picture).  Strain, clean, and move along.  All the dishes laid out and fill fill fill!  I baggie my protein and put on the top of the sale tupperware along with my infamous avocado.  On lazy weeks I even by the prepackaged protein servings (e.g. eggs, nuts, and cheese).  And… pack that hummus and make that dressing.  You are set.  The first couple of times can take up to 90 minutes as you get the hang of it but now this is down to under 40 minutes for this gal… I may be competitive and have created at home competitions for speed.  And no matter what, don’t under estimate those little ones… they can chop, or wash, or simply be taste testers.  If you have those furry friends… bring them in for the clean up and the scraps.  No need to waste with bellies to fill.

Well there you have it… some simple tips to start just the exploration of planning for yourself, your body, and your belly!

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