As women we…

we need women

As women we love, we lust, we care, we build each other up, we have each others’ backs, we inspire each other, we learn from each other, we grow together, we grow apart, we bond, we breed, we cook, we clean, we work, and we may even tire.  Together as women we make each other better.  We continue to set the bar higher and help each other grow and prosper.

she's badassIn the working world as women we are kicking ass.  Running major companies, selling amazing technology advances, fighting for people’s rights, being new and creative innovators, perfecting the passion of creativity, breaking boundaries in athletics, helping those less fortunate and more… we are paving the way for the women we are raising to wildly outdo what we will accomplish in this lifetime.

Looking around as a woman wild with fortune I ask myself… how much is luck, how much is good decision making, and how much is sheer amazing women filling this world.  I have always been blessed to be surrounded with loving, tender, fiercely loyal, intelligent women… women with impeccable integrity.  Is that luck?  I think the good decision making I can give myself credit for is the ability to spot these women and return all the goodness they give to me.  The luck is that they fell in my life’s pathway in the first place.

There are often times in life when you stop and are overwhelmed and moved to tears by the wonder of it all.  This week for me has been one of them.  Grateful for all I have and longing for what I miss…. like someone correcting all of these run-on sentences 🙂

behind every womanView More:

If you are reading this you are likely one of the women I thank my lucky stars for every day.  To you, I applaud your woman’s work.  Here is to the next generation of true trailblazers.  And of course, the most thanks to the woman who shaped every detail of who I am, my mother… the woman who showed me that everything is possible and to never settle for anything short of amazing.may we raise them






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