Food prepping made easy… and healthy

Failure to plan… plan to failIMG_6900

A food prep tip guide


Ok… today we are going to talk about food prep. It seems the most daunting of topics when it comes to the 21-day fix… or for that matter anything else that is geared towards healthy eating and lifestyle.


First tip and most important… plan and make a list (for both your groceries and your meals). Many people complain that they cannot get enough variety in, but with good planning to can have something different every day if you want. I typically give myself three breakfast options, two or three lunch options, and my dinners are always different.

One daily option that I never waiver from is my shake. It is great for protein, energy, and many other super foods I may not come across in my eating.



Let’s start by categories of the 21-day fix (also known as food types) and my go-tos:


Red is protein.

My favorites include my shake, flank steak, ground turkey, chicken, pork loin, cold-water fish, eggs, lunchmeat slices such as turkey or ham, turkey bacon, tofu

For most of the above options (steak, turkey, chicken) – I buy these organic in bulk from Costco. Even eggs we get there. As for the good lunchmeat and turkey back and tofu – those we buy at Sprouts typically.


Green is veggies.

My favorites depend on what is in season. Just this last week it was zucchini, greens, peppers, and brussel sprouts. For on the go we always have cucumbers, baby carrots, radishes, bell peps, and mushrooms. Also, it is always good to have Costco organic spinach in bulk. Also romaine is great for lettuce wraps. To keep up with variety we always also have a freezer selection (my favorite are frozen green beans). Keep in mind you are eating these with some healthy oils. We splurge for the flavored ones when we can such as from the Queen Creek Olive mill. Marinating kale is sesame oil is one of my all time delicious recipes. More often than not, for time and efficiency we roast veggies (a little oil and pop in the oven and perfection in 10-15 min).

Purple is fruits.

Again, what is in season. In order to keep variety I try to get just 2 of everything (apples, oranges, nectarines). We always get fresh berries and melons when we can. More often than not a ½ banana makes its way into my shakes. Fruit is simple J


Yellows are carbs.

Wine. Yes wine is a carb so 1-3 times a week I replace a carb with wine, but of course that is not the healthiest of options. Some of my faves are quinoa, sweet potatoes, any kind of beans, rice, oatmeal, slice of bread, or tortillas. If I am trying to feel great I of course stick with the sweet potato and quinoa. Both super easy to prep for the week and can make in bulk.

Blue – fats.

You can have dairy here but I am trying to stay away. Avocado, nuts and hummus are easy to prep in individual containers and super easy on the go.


Orange – seeds and more

Pumpkin seeds are great on the go or in a salad (also sunflower or sesame). 10 olives is my favorite choice here (no not stuffed with blue cheese how I really like them). Peanuts, coconut, or dressings are another option.


“The teaspoons” – oils/butters

Again we adore flavored olive oil, love coconut oil, and adore all nut & seed butters. Super easy to add to all your meals.


Free foods –

You can have these as much as you want… flavor your water, get creative with vinegars (also a great marinade), mustards, herbs and spices are your friends to make everything unique and delicious. My absolute favorite is hot sauce of course!



Now for some meal suggestions… what do we do with all this food???

Breakfast ideas:

Shakeology of course (I typically add a half banana and a large handful of spinach).


Eggs with any vegetables we have on hand scrambled it (we refer to this as the garbage omelet).

Oatmeal with a little pb and cinnamon.

Oat or egg cups (these are great to do on meal prep day and have ready to go throughout the week).

Lunch ideas:

Huge salads (lots of greens, any other veggies that sound good, and some deli meats or canned tuna). With homemade dressings of course or good old EVOO and vinegar (we also love treating ourselves to flavored vinegars… my current favorites are lemon or peach vinegar).


Open faced sandwiches.

Chicken and veggies (or really any leftovers from last nights dinner)

Quinoa salads (with more veggies than quinoa of course).


Dinner ideas:

Flank steak, sweet pots and veggies.IMG_9085

Turkey tacos.IMG_0961

Pork tenderloin with greens.

Lemon garlic chicken and tomato basil salad.

Tofu Stir Fry

Variety is what you make of it!!!!!!!


Snack ideas:

Apples and pb

Veggies raw and hummus


Fruit bowls




With a little planning and prepping meals are a breeze. I spend about 15 minutes planning, 30 minutes shopping, and an hour prepping per week. Breakfast takes about 5 min to make, lunch is prepped already, and dinner takes me no more than 20 min typically!!!




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