A transformation by accident… or by wife…

This is a transformation story for a man that fell upon this by accident… or by wife should I say? For two years I watched my wife struggle to lose the weight after our first child. I watched her run from boot camp to hiking to the crazy hot yoga and she could not lose a single pound. I saw her own love for herself become questioned and it was the first time I saw her question how I felt about her. Of course my wife has been and will always be beautiful to me regardless of any scale or size… but telling her that didn’t seem to matter. At that point I was desperate for her to feel better as was she.

One day she came home from the nutritionist she was referred to by our doctor. She looked like someone took all the wind out of her sails. Not so much but definitely all the calories out of her world. 900-1200 max calories a day. I saw my wife pick like a bird for weeks and remain hungry. Not only was she hungry but she was weak. This was no fun for her, let alone our two-year old that just wanted to play and mommy wanted to lie down.

This is when change entered our front door. One night she said “hey will you try something with me… this diet isn’t working and I can’t keep up with Skylar.” I said I was in for anything, I just wanted her to feel better and if that meant staying at the same weight it made absolutely no difference to me. She noted having done some research (I have no idea how she has the time but this woman researches everything and if she cannot get to it she has another friend that will research more than her). Well with her research she found a shake that we could drink daily instead of the shakes I made every day (delicious calorie-ridden protein shake with lots of healthy fats). I said I was in to try anything. In her research this new shake (Shakeology) was only about 160 calories and when she tallied up mine we were well over 500. It seems like a week went by with her starvation mode and the package came! That very first day I made us each a shake to start off our trial. We both loved it, felt full, and that was one of the first nights we didn’t go for sweets (her version of a sweet at this point was an apple due to the diet, but nevertheless).

I should have known better… trying something is never as easy as swapping out a shake in my house. It wasn’t until the next week, as the pounds started to slowly come off both of us that she said… “I have done some more research.” OH??? Shocked as I may be I saw hope in her eyes and said let’s have it! She noted that she stumbled upon an eating plan and exercise routine she could do in our own home and not have to put the baby in daycare. I immediately said, “That sounds great babe, you should do it.” That is where she made her very suspicious face and asked me to do it with her. She noted above anything else, that would be the most support I could ever give and it was only 21 days. Much to my chagrin I agreed. As I read through the plan I did not see my usual suspects: burritos, pizza, cheeseburgers, pastas, cheese, cheese and cheese. What had I agreed to?

To make matters worse she brings out these containers (some I can’t fit my thumb into) to portion our meals. Only 21 days… keep swimming. As time goes on she and my two-year old are doing the workouts like mad women and loving every minute. I tried a couple videos and give it up to my wife… that was some hard stuff and my butt twitched for days. Luckily I get a pass from the workouts if I go to the gym regularly which I already did – my wife says I go way too much. I am cooking our portioned lean meals every night… without dairy… and I am getting used to a whole new world of food and flavoring with spices in lieu of fats. My wife lost about 9 in the first 21 days and within two months was to her pre-pregnancy weight. I have never seen her so happy.

I lost over 13 pounds in the 21 days and since another 15. If you had ever told me that eating this way would be a lifestyle change, I would have laughed at you. I see the energy I have now to chase my daughter around, as well as instilling healthy choices. She loves fruits and veggies wherein many kiddos seem to cringe. I love how I feel and I actually said good bye to my love handles and I can see some abs trying to peek through! For once my wife’s research paid off and thanks to Shakeology and 21 day fix we are both happier and healthier. It also seemed to do the trick on getting us pregnant faster the second time around!
Transformation by accident and life change of permanence. I enjoy cheat meals every now and again but truthfully, I can feel the difference in my body almost immediately after. Any days I miss the shake… I feel that too. For once I can honestly say that my wife’s research and determination paid off… and I am glad she had me do it with her.


cary transform pic jpeg

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