The Amazing Village of Motherhood…

Mom collageMotherhood was something I longed for since a very young age. My life took me on roads unplanned and I had many times wherein my trip to motherhood got postponed. There was even a time in my life that I tried to convince myself I did not need children or to be a mother. Something within me, strong as ever, catapulted me into motherhood.   One day I just knew… I was meant to be a mother. From that day forward all plans leading up to that was in preparation to be, hopefully, an amazing mother. Little did I know back then, motherhood is not just about the mother and child… motherhood is joining an absolutely amazing village of other mothers to have by your side as you go through trials, triumphs, tragedies and everything in between.

Between pregnancy, delivery, and every day after of raising this little human… I have been very blessed with such amazing role models and friends to take the journey side by side. Whether talking at 4am during a midnight feeding when you feel a little (or a lot) of insanity creeping in, or your more tragic moments of loss or failure, other mommies are there to shelter the storm with you. From the very start I had an amazing role model in my mother so I had no shortage in that department, but that didn’t stop the universe from giving me more people to look up to and aspire to gain their wisdom. Between my mother and my sister, I thought that was all I needed – two amazing mothers that do it all and with amazing grace. I was wrong… whether I needed more or not, I sure got a plethora of incredible mothers and it has been a remarkable blessing. I am surrounded by women, mothers with children of all different ages, that support, laugh, cry, worry, anticipate, and travel uncharted territory with me every day. Whether we are helping each other directly or giving guidance to each other on how to be of support to other mommies – it is an army of support unlike any other I have ever known. Whether you have known me since I was born, or since childhood, or we met when pregnant, I count on you and you can always count on me. We are in this together, through thick and thin. Beautiful, unpredictable, exciting, enchanting, daunting, miraculous, mysterious motherhood is ours to travel. Here is to many more years of the road traveled together… in our village of motherhood.

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