My transformation… postpartum pits….

My Story

IMG_6160Up until my pregnancy I was an active and healthy person. My pregnancy gave me some exercise restrictions and that was the beginning of my down-hill spiral. Starting at 138… about 8 pounds above my normal walking around weight… I climbed and climbed. My pregnancy gave me an excuse to indulge in every little craving I had. I did that month after month.

Lethargic and excited for a baby summed up my daily feelings… Swollen was another common feeling.

By 7 months people at meetings were joking about sending me home because they didn’t want me to deliver in the conference room. The jokes progressed to me having twins… It was just a 9 pound baby in there… the rest was me. I tipped the scales when delivering over 200 pounds.

After a very difficult labor and delivery (26 hours without drugs and then an emergency c section), my recovery was difficult. I breastfed until she was 14 months old and I took my “extra calories” seriously.

After 12 weeks, I was trying to get fit slowly. I happened to have a baby in the exact same month as 5 of my friends. None of them had any trouble shedding the weight by the time our babies hit four months old. I still looked pregnant.

IMG_3834By her turning six months I went to some more serious measures, healthier food in general and some classes… yoga, boxing, boot camps, hiking. I hit an absolute plateau around 160… I could occasionally head to 155 but it was my “trampoline” to jump back to 160. All my gal pals were back in their bikinis and I discovered the miracle suit that was barely a miracle on me and I would struggle to breathe in her swim classes. I am typically a picture guru and I was taking them just of my daughter and dogs.  Looking back over the past few years there are simply head shots of me… On the few I was in full body I just felt so awful. I could barely see me anymore.

After going to a nutritionist I was put on a 900-1200 calorie diet with only walking as he said the drop in calories will make me weak. I did that and shed a whopping pound after a couple weeks. I truly missed the shakes with superfoods that my hubby used to make for me every morning so I added up the calories and it was around 500… whoa. I was looking for a shake in the morning that would be nutritious, tasty, and not be more than half my daily calories. A friend from my old work introduced me to my coach, and thus shakeology.

I ordered just 5 packets “to try it,” unconvinced. I looked at her story, one of post-partum transition, and was hopeful. After the five days I was in love and went to order. I saw all the programs and was told that 21 day fix may be the best for me. The order was in and I anxiously awaited the arrival. I spent a few hours on Pinterest to see what I had gotten myself into… all the transformation stories were so amazing!

The day the video arrived I had a friend over to start the journey together. She came over 6 days in a row it was so fun. Between shakeology every day and 21 day fix the pounds and inches were falling off. In the first round I lost 8 pounds and 11 inches.

I went on vacation camping for a week and had no shakes and walking/impromptu workouts. I could see and feel a difference in a bad way. Immediately upon return I got back to it and had gained back 4 pounds. I went back to 21 day fix and eventually incorporated piyo at the end.

IMG_8035To date, I am down 16 pounds and this week I hit my pre pregnancy weight! I am much stronger than I have been in years and fitting into clothes that were put into storage on the off chance something someday would work! Beachbody workouts and shakeology helped transform me back to who I was… and in truth… beyond that. In addition to the health it has brought me, my two-year old daughter asks me every day to exercise and has her own mat and weights. I am instilling both healthy eating and activity habits in her at a very young age. Furthermore, my husband who could never put down the burrito did the first 21 days with me at lost nearly 10 pounds and now drinks the shakes daily and eats far better than he ever did in his life. Beachbody has changed my family.

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